-JST Support program for starting up innovation hub-
Open Innovation Hub for Expanding Humanosphere and the Domain of Human Activity through Solar System Frontier Development

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-----Areas of research and selected projects<1.6MB>
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"Overview of research topics" includes 8 researches from RFP1

Exploration technology in a wide range of unexplored areas
<Research and development of next-generation actuators><730KB>
----Development of the small actuator with the best power density in the world ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd./
OITA UNIVERSITY/ Ibaraki University/
----Development of super small high accuracy absolute angular sensor modulated wave resolver for next generation actuator EXTCOM Inc.
----Development of Small and High-Torque Actuator for Medical and Welfare field YASKAWA Electric Corporation
----Development of innovative soft actuator system and its application technology MEIJI RUBBER & CHEMICAL CO.,LTD./ Chuo University
----Study of water/dust proof multi-stator electromagnetic motor Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd
<Research and Development of Insect typed Robot>
----Insect type small mobile robots for underground and ground surface exploration PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES, Inc./
Chuo University
----Prototype Development of an Insect-like Robot for Walking/Jumping Exploration ispace, inc. / Tohoku University
----Toy Technology Robotics (Small size, Low energy, Low cost)<680KB> TOMY Company, Ltd.
<Research on Distributed Coordination System (Swarm Intelligence and Control)>
----High-efficiency and low-cost wide-area surveillance based on formation control of multiple passive vehicles Tohoku University
----Triangulation-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Massively Distributed Robots The University of Aizu
<Research on Environment Adaptive Robots and Intelligence>
----Environment-adaptive robotic vehicle for construction site Takenaka Corporation/
Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
----Research and Development on Environment Recognition based Mobility Intelligence of Deformation Mobile Robots with RT Solution Technology The University of Tokyo/ THK CO., LTD.

Automatic and autonomous exploration technology
<Research on the unmanned construction system of a manned lunar base>
----Development and evaluation of the innovative remote construction system
by cooperation of remote control and automatic control<700KB>
Kajima Corporation/ Shibaura Institute of Technology/ Kyoto University/ The University of Electro-Communications
<Development of ultra-lightweight construction machines>
----Development and field verification of ultra-light attachment
and boom and stick<740KB>
TAGUCHi Industrial Co., Ltd./ Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
<Research on the estimation method of the lunar soil characteristics>
----Application of Screw Driving Sounding technique to lunar soil mechanics investigation Tokyo City University/ JAPAN HOME SHIELD CORPORATION/ NITTO SEIKO CO., LTD./ TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.
----Estimation of soil-strength parameters based on construction information during ground excavation by earth auger Ritsumeikan University/ NITTOC CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD.
<Research on a soil compaction method under low gravity>
----Research for effective vibration compaction method on hard-to-compact materials and achieved trafficability SAKAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.

In-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technology
<Research on sensor technology for water ice detection>
----Study on ice/water sensing technology by development of
the small Imaging Spectrometer<630KB>
Sentencia Corporation/ Osaka University
<Development of the in-situ material-production technologies for lunar outpost construction>
----Study on in-situ production technology of liquid-free construction materials TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD./ Tokyo City University/ NITTO SEIMO CO., LTD.
----Production system of construction materials from in-situ resources Mitsubishi Materials Corporation/ Hokkaido University/ Yamaguchi University/ Obayashi Corporation/ Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation/ IHI Corporation/ IHI AEROSPACE CO., LTD.
<Research on the in-situ resource utilization processes>
----Study on sand and volcanic ash solidification technology MORUTARU MAGIC Co.,Ltd.
----Manufacturing of construction materials from soil materials mainly composed of igneous rock or clay mineral Obayashi Corporation
----Hydrogen reduction system of lunar soil -Industrial utilization of low-grade materials- Kyushu University/ The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center/ HIROSE UNIENCE Co., Ltd.
----Development of plasma/catalytic-nanoparticle hybrid field for converting CO2 to resources Kyushu University

Common Technology
<Research on regenerative fuel cell systems for vehicle applications>
----Manufacturing Technology of Lightweight Composite High-Pressure Gas Vessel for Fuel Cell Vehicles CHUGOKU KOGYO CO., LTD./ Kyushu Institute of Technology/ National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
<Research on innovative batteries>
--Development of all-solid-state lithium ion-secondary batteries<670KB> Hitachi Zosen Corporation
<Development of Low-cost & Mass-productive Microwave Solid-State-Power-Amplifiers>
----Development of Solid-State Marine Radar<670KB> Koden Electronics Co., Ltd./ Toyo Tech Industry Inc
<Low-power Optical Modem for Long-distance communication>
----Fundamental and feasibility studies on long-distance communication system
with free-space laser link technologies<1MB>
Sony Corporation
<Design of an innovative chassis system for the multi-purpose vehicles>
----Design of omnidirectional crawler platform for multipurpose Topy Industries, Ltd./ University of Fukui/ Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation/ Tohoku University

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