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How we started

Since the Japanese government announced their policy titled “Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology, and Innovation 2014 – A Challenge for Creating Japan in a New Dimension – (approved by the Cabinet on June 24, 2014),” public research institutions and agencies have been expected to perform strongly and contribute to innovation. Based on this strategy, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was re-organized in April 2015 and the Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center was established. Through this innovation hub center, we will develop more research projects and establish them within JAXA as a whole. To accomplish this, we will gather knowledge and specialists from various fields and create a new research team for their activities. The center is located on the JAXA Sagamihara Campus. As of April 2015, the center has approximately 30 staff who have undertaken new activities, and are working in three reaearch areas:
1) “exploration technology in a wide range of unexplored areas”; 2) “automatic and autonomous exploration technology”; and 3) “In-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technology.”

Message from our Director

“Hayabusa”, which uses ion engines for its main propulsion, was the first spacecraft in the world to successfully explore asteroids and return to Earth. It is a good example of a “game changer”, where the current paradigm is fundamentally changed, and in a new area created by Japan, using our own ingenuity, in order to revitalize our space technology, which had heretofore become inferior to that of the US, Europe, and Russia. Applying this strategy, let us industrialize research and development in technology, and create innovation both in Space and on Earth.

Hitoshi Kuninaka

Our Logo Mark "TansaX"

TansaX is a nickname of the Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center. TansaX includes a meaning of the creation of “X,” i.e., “unexpected things,” through our research and development for Tansa*. TansaX is also the acronym for “Technology Advancing Node for SpAce eXploration.”
*“Tansa” means “exploration” in Japanese.

The Logo symbolizes our aim to expand the humanosphere and the domain of human activities within the Solar System. “X” symbolizes a rocket engine nozzle and projects the image of flying freely and vigorously from the Earth (blue) to the Moon (yellow), the asteroids (gray), and Mars (red) in the Solar System.



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Innovation hub construction support by JST

Our “Open Innovation Hub for Expanding Humanosphere and the Domain of Human Activity through Solar System Frontier Development (Open Innovation Hub)” was selected for the Support program for starting up innovation hub sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). With JST’s support, innovative technology development has become more promising.
The expansion of humanosphere and the human activity domain through space exploration development will be directly linked to creating values for new space development applications.

In the next ten to twenty years, space exploration will be primarily led by activities to explore the moon and Mars through international collaboration and competition. Various entities will be involved, including private companies.

-JST innovation hub construction support operations
(Japanese language only)
-Press Release: “Open Innovation Hub for Expanding Humanosphere and the Domain of Human Activity through Solar System Frontier Development” was Selected for Innovation Hub Support.



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