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January 14, 2016

JAXA has selected 31 projects for FY2015 Request for Proposal

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 31 projects that may create technologies to be utilized for space exploration and be beneficial for the proponents' businesses.
The total number of proposals received was 65.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research" or"Ideas Incubating Research"

(This list was last updated on November 4, 2016)

Solution Creating Research

1. Research and Development of Next-generation Actuators

Development of the small actuator with the best power density in the world
Hiroyuki Makimoto (ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.) with project members from OITA UNIVERSITY, Ibaraki University, NIPPON BUNRI UNIVERSITY and Shizuoka University

Development of super small high accuracy absolute angular sensor modulated wave resolver for next generation actuator
Tadao Chino (EXTCOM Inc.)

Development of Small and High-Torque Actuator for Medical and Welfare field
Kazuhiko Yokoyama (YASKAWA Electric Corporation)

Development of innovative soft actuator system and its application technology

Takashi Terajima (MEIJI RUBBER & CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.) and Taro Nakamura (Chuo University)

Study of water/dust proof multi-stator electromagnetic motor

Yuichi Narasaki (Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd)

2. Research on the unmanned construction system of a manned lunar base

Development and evaluation of the innovative remote construction system by cooperation of remote control and automatic control
Satoru Miura (Kajima Corporation) with project memebers from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kyoto University and The University of Electro-Communications

3. Development of ultra-lightweight construction machines

Development and field verification of ultra-light attachment and boom and stick
Yuichi Taguchi (TAGUCHi Industrial Co., Ltd.) with project members from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

4. Research on sensor technology for water ice detection

Study on ice/water sensing technology by development of the small Imaging Spectrometer
Hirokazu Ohmae (Sentencia Corporation) with project members from Osaka University

5. Development of the in-situ material-production technologies for lunar outpost construction

Study on in-situ production technology of liquid-free construction materials
Yoshitaka Yanagihara (TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.) with project members from Tokyo City University and NITTO SEIMO CO., LTD.

Production system of construction materials from in-situ resources
Hisao Satoh (Mitsubishi Materials Corporation) with project members from Hokkaido University, Yamaguchi University, Obayashi Corporation, Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation, IHI Corporation and IHI AEROSPACE CO., LTD.

6. Research on regenerative fuel cell systems for vehicle applications

Manufacturing Technology of Lightweight Composite High-Pressure Gas Vessel for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Mutsuya Yamamoto (CHUGOKU KOGYO CO., LTD) with project memebers from Kyushu Institute of Technology and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

7. Research on innovative batteries

Development of all-solid-state lithium ion-secondary batteries
Kazuyuki Sunayama (Hitachi Zosen Corporation)

8. Development of Low-cost & Mass-productive Microwave Solid-State-Power-Amplifiers

Development of Solid-State Marine Radar
Shintaro Arata (Koden Electronics Co., Ltd.) and Masahito Endo (Toyo Tech Industry Inc)

9. Low-power Optical Modem for Long-distance communication

Fundamental and feasibility studies on long-distance communication system with free-space laser link technologies
Kyohei Iwamoto (Sony Corporation)


Ideas Incubating Research

10. Research and Development of Insect typed Robot

Insect type small mobile robots for underground and ground surface exploration
Taro Nakamura and Yasuyuki Yamada (Chuo University) with project members from PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES, Inc.

Prototype Development of an Insect-like Robot for Walking/Jumping Exploration
Takeshi Hakamada (ispace, inc.) with project members from Tohoku University

Toy Technology Robotics (Small size, Low energy, Low cost)
Kimitaka Watanabe, Kunihiko Kato and Kenta Hashiba (TOMY Company, Ltd.)

11. Research on Distributed Coordination System (Swarm Intelligence and Control)

High-efficiency and low-cost wide-area surveillance based on formation control of multiple passive vehicles
Yasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku University)

Triangulation-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Massively Distributed Robots
Keitaro Naruse (The University of Aizu)

12. Research on Environment Adaptive Robots and Intelligence

Environment-adaptive robotic vehicle for construction site
Masahiro Sugata (Takenaka Corporation) with project members from Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Research and Development on Environment Recognition based Mobility Intelligence of Deformation Mobile Robots with RT Solution Technology
Kei Okada (The University of Tokyo) with project members from THK CO., LTD.

13. Research on the estimation method of the lunar soil characteristics

Application of Screw Driving Sounding technique to lunar soil mechanics investigation
Naoaki Suemasa (Tokyo City University) with project members from JAPAN HOME SHIELD CORPORATION, NITTO SEIKO CO., LTD. and TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.

Estimation of soil-strength parameters based on construction information during ground excavation by earth auger
Ryoichi Fukagawa (Ritsumeikan University) with project members from NITTOC CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD.

14. Research on a soil compaction method under low gravity

Research for effective vibration compaction method on hard-to-compact materials and achieved trafficability

15. Research on the in-situ resource utilization processes

Study on sand and volcanic ash solidification technology
Masaki Ikehara (MORUTARU MAGIC Co.,Ltd.)

Manufacturing of construction materials from soil materials mainly composed of igneous rock or clay mineral
Yoji Ishikawa (Obayashi Corporation)

Hydrogen reduction system of lunar soil -Industrial utilization of low-grade materials-
Takayuki Watanabe (Kyushu University) and Yoshihiko Shinoda (The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center) with project members from HIROSE UNIENCE Co., Ltd.

Development of plasma/catalytic-nanoparticle hybrid field for converting CO2 to resources
Masaharu Shiratani (Kyushu University)

16. Design of an innovative chassis system for the multi-purpose vehicles

Design of omnidirectional crawler platform for multipurpose
Shingo Tsukui (Topy Industries, Ltd.) with project members from University of Fukui, Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation and Tohoku University


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