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October 11, 2020

JAXA has selected 34 projects for TansaX's sixth Request for Proposal

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 34 projects for it's sixth Request for Proposal.
The total number of proposals received was 121.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research","Ideas Incubating Research" or "TansaX Challenging Research"

Solution Creating Research

1.Terrain-responsive earthwork technology for construction machinery

Development of force control for excavators

SUGIURA Hisashi (Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.)

2.Position measurement and estimation technology for automatic control

Wide-Area High-Accuracy Positioning Using Non-GNSS with Camera Visible Light Communication


3.Compact and portable soil moisture sensor

Development of next-generation neutron water monitors for dual use in lunar exploration and civil engineering

ENOTO Teruaki (RIKEN) with project members from St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Ritsumeikan University and Soil and Rock Engineering Co., Ltd.

4.Development of CO2 capture, storage and utilization technologies from air and closed living space

Development of equipments for low-cost separation, concentration, storage, and utilization of low-concentration CO2

HOSHINO Yu (Kyushu University)

5.Self-recycling Hydroponic System for a Resources Circulation Society

Development of High speed liquefaction system of food residue combined with Hydroponics for environment purification

ARII Masayuki (Delica Foods Co., Ltd.) with project members from Medical Seikabutsu Institute Co.,Ltd., Ryonetsu Kogyou co.,ltd., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Chiba University

6.Automatic control of injection timing in the Semi-Dry-Fog Aeroponics System

Spray control automation on the semi dry fog aeroponics system

HIKOSAKA Yosuke (H. Ikeuchi & Co., Ltd.) with project members from Nakamura Farm and Osaka Prefecture University


Ideas Incubating Research

7.A Study of SLAM Techniques for Dynamic Path Planning of Mobile Rovers

Research on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping from ground surface information and embedded implementation technology for dynamic route planning

SEKI Makito (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

8.Research on a new method for extracting materials from difficult-to-reach areas using a small robot

Development of a Torus-type Dividing Hand Mechanism for Multi-stage Collection of Irregular Material Samples

TADAKUMA Kenjiro(TOHOKU UNIVERSITY) with project members from ONO-DENKI Mfg. Inc

9.Research on foldable lightweight deployment mechanism

Study on a lightweight and retractable mechanism using a fan-fold-type deployment mechanism applicable to solar array paddles and antennas for a manned rover on the Moon

NAKAMURA Kazuyuki(Technosolver Corporation) with project members from Origami/ETS LLC

10.Research on lightweight high strength fiber wire harnesses for signal lines

Research on fiber wires with lighter and higher strength signal wires (aluminum wires) made of conventional metal wires

MINAMIGUCHI Hiroshi(KANZACC CO., LTD.) with project members from FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.and Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture

11. Maintenance-free ultra-lightweight suspension system



12.Compact, lightweight and highly portable rock crushing method



13.Innovative 3D Printing Technology

Manufacturing of construction materials using lunar-regolith simulated soil

FUJITA Masayuki(Institute for Laser Technology) with project members from Osaka University and Obayashi Corporation

14.Process technology for utilizing local resources and/or spent materials

Development of bio-based CFRP and chemical recycling system under vacuum state

MIYAFUJI Hisashi(Kyoto Prefectural University)with project members from Forest Research and Management Organization,Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

15.Radiation shielding materials made from local resources and discarded materials

Development of "Special" BASHFIBER® (and fiber structure) with high shielding capability against cosmic rays

FUKAZAWA Hisashi(Nippon Fiber Corporation (NFC)) with members from National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST),Sumitomo Corporation and ITOCHU Corporation

16.Study on sterilization technology for water resource recycling

Development of sterilization technology by applying pulsed electric field to realize zero-emission hydroponics system

FURUKAWA Takashi(Kitasato University) with project members from National Institute of Technology and Oita College

Research on Automatic Sterilization and Recycle System of Nutrient Solutions used for Plant Factories

ASAO Toshiki(Shimane University) with project members from The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc

17.Research on practical application for automated harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops



18.Construction of a recycling culture system for algae and animal cells for sustainable and locally produced food production

Algae/animal cell recycling culture system for sustainable local food production and consumption

SHIMIZU Tatsuya(Tokyo Women's Medical University) with project members from IntegriCulture Inc.

19.Study on electrochemical amino acid synthesis toward the advanced CO2 utilization

Development of electrochemical amino acid synthesis process using CO2 as a carbon source

YAMAUCHI Miho(Kyushu University) with project members from NanoMembrane Technologies, Inc.

20.Research and development of high-precision, real-time, and simplified gas analysis utilizing next-generation spectroscopic technologies

Development of a high-precision real-time analysis of multi-component gases using dual-comb spectroscopy

INABA Hajime(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

21.Study on collection and transfer technology of fecal wastes for space toilets

Development of Innovative Sewage Treatment System Untilizing Peristaltic Mixing-Pump for Zero Gravity Toilet in the Space Station

NAKAMURA Taro(Chuo University)

22.High-performance multi-layer insulation (MLI) technology with easy installation property

Development of high performance MLI for liquid hydrogen tank or lunar surface

MATSUMOTO Kazuaki(Tochigi Kaneka Corporation) with project members from Kaneka Corporation,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Taisei Corporation

23.Refrigeration technology to reduce liquefaction energy for propellant fuel production

Study on magnetic refrigeration system to reduce liquefaction energy of propellant

Koji Kamiya(National Institute for Materials Science) with project members from ispace, inc.,Sumitomo Corporation and Takasago Thermal Engineering Co.,Ltd.

24.Efficient propellant storage system by making use of boil-off gas and refrigeration system

Tube-on-tank heat exchangers with boil-off gas and cryocooler for cryogenic propellant storage

KINEFUCHI Kiyoshi(Nagoya University)

25.Liquefied hydrogen flow measurement technology

Development of liquefied hydrogen flow meter measurement technology

TSUJIGAMI Hiroshi(Iwatani Corporation)

26.Weight reduction of liquid oxygen and/or liquid hydrogen storage system with composites

Lighter tank with a electro forming Nikkel plate on the inner Surface of Outer Carbonfiber composite material

TAKAHASHI Ryuji(I.S.T company limited)

27.Realization of innovative heat transport components

Development of heat transport members using highly crystallized graphite

TSURUTA Takashi(Panasonic Corporation)

28.Realization of new high-performance optical materials

Optimization of High Performance Thermosetting Optical Materials for Space Environment and Development of Related Optical Components


29.Development of fundamental technologies for efficient sterilization and decontamination

Development of portable atmospheric pressure plasma surface disinfection system and new biological indicator for rapid visual disinfection evaluation

NAKANO Michihiko(Kyushu University)

Low temperature oxygen plasma sterilizer compatible with human and environment

SATO Yukio(Udono Limited) with project members from Kyushu University

30.Realization of Innovative Water Electrolysis Technology

Maxmizing boiling effect embeded in PEMWE - for higher conversion efficiency

ITO Kohei(Kyushu University)

31.Research on mechanisms or surfaces with sustainable dust prevention or removal performance

Surface treatment technology of dust mitigation with long-term function


32.Research on ultra-small integrated array antennas for onboard use with wireless communication and sensor harvesters

Evaluation of application of GaN rectifier for wireless power transfer to work-robot in lunar cave

WAKEJIMA Akio(Nagoya Institute of Technology)

33.Robotic Manipulation Technology Supporting Manned Lunar Exploration

The research of dexterous manipulation by teleoperated robot that can tolerate collision and contact with surrounding environment

Ryuma Ujino(Honda R&D Co., Ltd.)


TansaX Challenging Research

34.TansaX challenging research

Quick set up Base Camp composed of simultaneously deployable surface and floor containing Greenhab

SATO Jun (The University of Tokyo) with project members from PLANTS LABORATORY INC.

Development of "Rod aluminum-water" Hybrid Rocket Propulsion System

SAITO Yuji(Tohoku University) with project members from The University of Tokyo and Pale Blue Inc.


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