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October 11, 2019

JAXA has selected 20 projects for TansaX's fifth Request for Proposal

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 20 projects for it's fifth Request for Proposal.
The total number of proposals received was 69.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research","Ideas Incubating Research" or "TansaX Challenging Research"

Solution Creating Research

1.Development of highly sensitive and accurate portable gas sensor for volatile detection

Development of sensitive and precise portable gas chromatograph for multiple volatile compounds

Kazushi YAMANAKA(Ball Wave Inc.)

2.Research on portable high-definition ultrasound imaging that can acquire cross-sectional images of muscles and abdomen

Research of handheld wireless ultrasound system for applying space medicine

Yukiya MIYACHI(FUJIFILM Corporation)

3.Research on portable high-definition X-ray imaging with durability and radiation resistance

Research of portable X-ray system for applying space medicine

Tomoaki NAKASHIMA (FUJIFILM Corporation)

4.Development of autonomous risk assessment system to detect mental/physical fatigue and sleep deficiency by self-monitoring technique of skin condition

Development of an Automated Risk Assessment Method for Mental and Physical Disorders Using Skin and Vital Data



Ideas Incubating Research

5.R & D of ultralight moving vehicles

Development of flapping-wing micro vehicles for wide-area exploration and communication network construction on the area

Taro FUJIKAWA (Tokyo Denki University) with project members from Chiba Institute of Technology and DAIDOC Co., Ltd.

6.Wide area positioning system using electromagnetic waves



7.Automated driving system for off-road vehicles

Improvement of traction on sand road by electric drive control

Kensuke ITOU (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)

8.Effective recycling technology for materials and equipment



9.Effective utilization of unused resources



10.High-efficiency food production system using robotics technology

Development of LED multi-stage rotary cherry tomato cultivation system and automatic harvesting robot

Kazuki IIMURA(GINZA FARM Co.,Ltd.) with project members from Nippon Del Monte Agri Company and MIRAI Co., Ltd.

11. Plant residue recycling technology

Develop a recyclable new medium for plant factory with artificial light

Yusuke NAKAI(Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (KARC, NARO)) with project members from JSP Co., Ltd.

Development of compact quad-generation system for recycling plant residue based on the methane fermentation technology

Ryosuke ENDO(Osaka Prefecture University) with project members from Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.

12.Development of the printed wiring board for small, lightweight, high efficiency and Low EMC power supply

Power supply board design technology that realizes compact, lightweight, high-efficiency, low EMC

Toshihiro IWAKI (Naturanix Co., Ltd.) with project members from Nagoya University and Aisan Industry Co., Ltd.

13.Research on electromagnetic shielding material technology for small and light spacecraft

Development of ultra-lightweight material for electromagnetic shielding

Tomonaga Ueno(Nagoya University) with project members from Zeon Corporation

14.Study on Standby-Power-Free System

Standby power-free system by MTJ/CMOS hybrid technologies and its environmental tolerance test (for space application)

Tetsuo ENDOH(Tohoku University)

15.Commercial Robot and Dexterous Hand Technology supporting Mouse Habitation Task



16.Prevention and improvement of vestibular function decline for gravity re-adaptation by noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation(nGVS)

Countermeasure for vestibular dysfunction caused by altered gravitational environment using noise galvanic vestibular stimulaton (nGVS)

Hironobu MORITA(Gifu University) with project members from Kindai University and The University of Tokyo

17.Research on physical interaction systems(Rehabilitation supporting device and strength training device) using artificial muscles

Wearable physical interaction system for rehahabilitation and training utilizing innovative variable viscoelastic actuation devices

Taro Nakamura(Chuo University)

18.Synbiotic countermeasure for maintaining health

Effects of Synbiotics “Bifidobacteria and Lactoferrin” Supplementation on Health Risk Reduction in Space Environment

Satoshi ARAI(Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.)

19.Study on optimization of dose assessment for space radiation exposure during space flight

A review of evaluation methods of radiation dose and their measurement systems for the long-term stay in space

Shinichi SASAKI(High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)) with project members from Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA),Keio University and Kobe University

20.Pharmaceutical countermeasure against radiation-induced bone marrow injury

The therapeutic effect of Kampo medicine for myelosuppression induced by radiation exposure

Ryuji TAKAHASHI(Kracie Pharma, Ltd.)


TansaX Challenging Research

21.TansaX challenging research

Actuation performance of single crystal Cu-Al-Mn shape memory alloys under cryogenic environment

Yoshikazu ARAKI (Nagoya University) with project members from Tohoku University

Investigation of mechanical stress on the optic nerve associated with postural change

Ari SHINOJIMA(Keio University)with project members from Kobe University and Orthopedic surgery OGATA Clinic

A novel system for high-resolution tomography and 3D visualization using a sequential grinding technique

Yasuhiro IBA(Hokkaido University)


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