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September 18, 2018

JAXA has selected 22 projects for TansaX's fourth Request for Proposal

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 22 projects for it's fourth Request for Proposal.
The total number of proposals received was 57.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research","Ideas Incubating Research" or "TansaX Challenging Research"

Solution Creating Research

1.Development of distributed cooperative system

Multiple Robot System with Stochastic Exploration Area Navigation

Kazuto KAMIYAMA(TAKENAKA CORPORATION) and Yasuharu KUNII (Chuo University)

Development of a Material Supply System in Manufacturing Factory with Distributed Cooperative Swarm Robots

Rinto NAKAHARA (JOHNAN CORPORATION) with project members from Kyoto University

Development of Automated Guided Vehicle using Collective Movement Control Method For Swarm Robots

Hiraku SAKAI(Koganei Corporation) with project members from Tokyo Denki University

2.Research for industrial utilization of fluid type smart actuators (artificial muscles)

Development of Peristaltic Mixingpump for Slurry by using Artificial Muscle Actuator

Taro NAKAMURA(Solaris inc.) with project members from Chuo university,Bridgestone Corporation and Hosei University

3.Automatic transportation and assembling technologies of structure

Research on labor saving by automating forestry machine system (Operation on the lunar surface of forestry machine system)

Shigeo KITAHARA (KUMAGAI GUMI CO.,LTD.) with project members from SUMITOMO FORESTRY CO.,LTD., KYC Machine Industry Co.,Ltd. and KATO WORKS CO.,LTD.

4.Research and Development for High-Performance Radar Systems for Advanced Information and Telecommunication

Development of High Performance Marine Radar

Kazuhiko KAIGA (Koden Electronics Co., Ltd.)

5.Research on innovative fuel cells

Development of a scalable regenerative fuel cell system as a completely isolated power supply

  (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.) with project members from Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Research and development on scalable fuel cell rotary production technologies and dedicated materials

Takuya HASEGAWA with project members from MITSUI & CO., LTD.


Ideas Incubating Research

6.Research and development on inflatable structures

Conceptual system design of a deployable inflatable structure

Shigeru AOKI (Shimizu Corporation) with project members from Taiyo Kogyo Corporation
and Setsunan University

Research on extremely thin and extremely lightweight inflatable structure by utilizing polyimide films

Daisuke YAMAGUCHI(Saitama University) with project members from Seidensha Electronic Co., Ltd.

7.Intelligent construction machine

The Control method study using AI, IoT technology to realize autonomous motion of excavating machine (Road Header)

Hiromichi TAKANO (Mitsui Miike Machinery Co., Ltd)

8.Acquisition of lunar subsurface information

Visualization of subsurface distribution of electrical property based on ultra wide-band measurement of electromagnetic wave

Tada-nori GOTO (Hyogo Prefectural Univeristy) with project members from Nagoya University,Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co. Ltd.and Kyoto University

9.Effective utilization of unused resources

Functional Materials Producution from Irreducible Oxides by Hydrogen Reducition System

Takayuki WATANABE(Kyushu University) with project members from H4 Co., Ltd.
and Nano-Sience Laboratory Corporetion

10. Additive manufacturing (AM) technology

Research and Development on Pavement Construction and Repair Using AM Technology

Akiyoshi HANYU(NICHIREKI CO.,Ltd) with project members from Osaka Prefecture University

11. Water-saving plant cultivation system using dry fog in future lunar farming

Development of indoor dry fog cultivation system with enhanced water use efficiency

Yosuke HIROSAKA(H. IKEUCHI & CO., Ltd.) with project members from Osaka Prefecture University

12.Compact protein production system without cereal crops

Development of a small scale and efficient protein production platform utilizing edible microalga, Spirulina

Takanori HOSHINO (Chitose Laboratory Corp.) with project members from Tavelmout Corp.,IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd. and Fujimori Kogyo Co.,LTD.

13.Power generation technology using heat capacity of lunar regolith



14.Research and development of reliable and small cryocooler technology

Development of reliable and compact Stirling cooler

Jun KOMADA (TWINBIRD CORPORATION) with project members from Kokushikan University and Meisei University

15.Research on wavelength conversion materials for solar cells

Development of Wavelength Conversion Material for Photovoltaic Cell

Kei TOYOTA(Panasonic Corporation)

16Research and Development for Space Wireless Sensor and Energy Harvester

Research of Super-compact Harness-free Sensor Systems for Wireless Health Monitoring to Equipment in a Space Craft

Kenjiro NISHIKAWA(Kagoshima University) with project members from Toyo Tech Industory Inc., and Beacon Technologies Inc.

Basic research on thermal harvester using Seebeck element.

Kazuyuki MURATA (Actronics Co.,Ltd.) with project members from Sensor Controls Co.,Ltd.,and Moriya Cutlery Laboratory, Ltd.,


TansaX Challenging Research

17.TansaX challenging research

Development of "the scent linked to the environment (Kankyo kou)" that reduce psychological stress in daily life


Sustainable food/protein production by symbiotic recycling culture system combining algae and animal cells

Tatsuya SHIMIZU(Tokyo Women's Medical University) with project members from Integriculture Inc.


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