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September 1, 2017

JAXA has selected 16 projects for TansaX's third Request for Proposal

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 16 projects for it's third Request for Proposal.
The total number of proposals received was 27.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research" or "Ideas Incubating Research"

Solution Creating Research

1. Research and Development of Next-generation Actuators (Accelerated theme)

Development of advanced element of MHz band driven DC-DC converter for compactness and light weight

Norio Koike (ICIKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.) with project members from Shinshu University and Osaka University

2. Lightweight construction machine with remote and automatic control

Development and field verification of remote operation of excavators and lightweight construction system capable of automatically mounting and removing attachments

YUICHI Taguchi (TAGUCHi Industrial Co., Ltd.) with project members from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

3. Innovative workload reduction technology for lunar base construction, expansion and maintenance

Construction of a sustainable new housing system

Shigeru Akimoto (Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.) with project members from Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., Ltd.

4. Practical Development of Next-Generation Solar Cells

Durability enhancement of high efficiency, low cost, and lightweight perovskite thin film solar cells

Tsutomu Miyasaka (Toin University of Yokohama) with project members from Hyogo Prefectural Univeristy, Peccell Technologies, Inc., Ricoh Co., Ltd. and Kishu Giken Kogyo, Co. Ltd.

5. Development of the soil characteristics estimation system by earth-auger drilling

Investigation on systematization of estimation method for ground properties based on mechanical data during earthauger drilling

Masayuki Ujihara (NITTOC CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.) with project members from Ritsumeikan University


Ideas Incubating Research

6. Research and Development of Environment Exploration System

Monitoring and Exploration System with Ultra-Low Energy Consumption by Using Field Energy

Shogo Arai (Tohoku University) with project members from Nihon University

System and technology of Stochastic Exploration Area Navigation with Behavior Control of Multiple Mobile Agents

Yasuharu KUNII (Chuo University) with project members from PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES, Inc.

7. Study of Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (vSLAM) for Exploration Robot

Research of the high-value added vSLAM technology utilizing ultra-sensitive multi-camera system and deep learning method

Kazuyoshi Noguchi (Intelligent Vision & Image Systems) with project members from ViewPLUS Inc.

Robust Visual SLAM for Textureless Scenes

Kenichi Hayashi (Qoncept, Inc.) with project members from Morpho,Inc.

8. Automatic excavation simulator

Acquisition Method of Ground Characteristics for High-efficiency Bucket Excavation

Hiroshi TAKAHASHI (Tohoku University) with project members from SHIMIZU CORPORATION

9. Research on the in-situ resource utilization processes


10. Development of protein material utilizing for cultivating plants

Development of high-performance material made of engineered protein for use as a fertilizer for plant cultivation

Junichi Sugahara (Spiber Inc.)

11. Experimental demonstration of new cultivation method for futuristic farming plant on the moon

Research on a farm system free from pathogens and insects and capable of backing up in emergency

Atsushi Mizutani (Takenaka Corporation) with project members from Kirin Company, Limited, Chiba University and Tokyo University of Science

Development of high-throughput plasma irradiation to seeds for crop yield improvement

Kazunori Koga (Kyushu University) with project members from Kenix Co. Ltd.

The feasibility study of the cultivation system for high calorie plant in lunar farm

Naoki Tanigawa (Chiyoda Corporation) project members from Mebiol Inc.

A study on the plant cultivation system using hydroponics with artificial light for the production of eatable potatoes

Hiroyuki WATANABE (Tamagawa University) with project members from Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company

12. Development of High-Sensitivity Radiation Detection Devices

Development of High-Sensitivity Radiation Detection device using photoelectric conversion material

Tsutomu Miyasaka (Toin University of Yokohama) with project members from Peccell Technologies, Inc.


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