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October 14, 2016

JAXA has selected 9 projects for TansaX's second Request for Proposal

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), together with outside experts and technical specialists, has selected 9 projects for it's second Request for Proposal.
The total number of proposals received was 26.

Each project will start as soon as the contract between JAXA and the proponents is concluded.

The selected projects are listed under "Solution Creating Research" or "Ideas Incubating Research"

Solution Creating Research

1. System study of lightweight construction machine


2. Development of highly sensitive and accurate gas sensor

Development of compact and robust analyzer for trace moisture in gas samples

Shinichi Honda (SHINYEI Technology Co., LTD.) with project members from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Osaka University, Ibaraki University and Kagoshima University

3. Development of energy-efficient water extraction technology

Microwave freeze drying process

Yasunori Tsukahara (Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.) with project members from Tokyo Institute of Technology

4. Development of highly sensitive range image sensor

Development of multipoint high sensitive photon sensor for simultaneous ranging

Shigeyuki Nakamura (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.)


Ideas Incubating Research

5. Study on Basic Performance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

A study on a compact multi-rotor mechanism with high efficiency

Hisashi Sugiura (Yanmar Co., Ltd.) with project members from Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka University and Nagoya University

6. Unmanned construction techniques of lunar habitable structure

Preliminary system design for teleoperated building construction


7. Research on the in-situ resource utilization processes


8. Dust mitigation technology


9. Development of Lightweight Shock-Absorption Structures against Versatile Impacts

Investigation of designable shock absorption metals with multiscale structure

Takuya Ide (Institute for Lotus Materials Research Co., Ltd.)

Development of ultra-light shock-absorbing material by designing cell morphology of porous aluminum

Makoto Kobashi (Nagoya University)

10. R&D on Vacuum Multi-layer Thermal Insulation for Long-term Storage of Cryogenic Liquefied Gases

Development of Lightweight Thermal Insulation Materials using Carbon Nanotube/ Porous Silica Composite Materials

Tomonaga Ueno (Nagoya University) with project members from LIXIL Corporation and MEIJO NANO CARBON Co., Ltd.

Development of high performance and lightweight vacuum thermal insulation for cryogenic region

Koji Yamaguchi (ORBITAL Engineering Inc.)


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